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For the 15th Annual International Herb Symposium, we had to shift to an online-only platform for all workshops, plant walks, and other course content. While we missed time with you in person, these challenging times presented an amazing opportunity to connect the international herbal community and provide educational resources for all.

That said, we’re very excited to announce that the 16th Annual IHS will be a hybrid event. The in-person component will be held once again at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts as we continue to embrace online learning to share herbal knowledge and planetary wellness.

It's not too late to catch all the classes from the 15th IHS. They are available online until December 10, 2022. If you haven’t already registered, become an IHS student now.

IHS Virtual Learning Center 

All content in the IHS Virtual Learning Center is available until December 10, 2022.



What makes International Herb Symposium a unique herbal learning experience? 

Beyond traditional herbal classes, the 15th Annual IHS features Regenerative Herbalism classes that go deep into conservation, sustainability, and cultivation; unique Veterinary Botanical Medicine classes; herbal video walks from all different ecosystems; and classes that highlight herbal traditions from various cultures and perspectives.

What is this year’s theme?

The theme for the 15th Annual IHS is, “The Healing Forest.” The International Herb Symposium is the perfect hub and incubator as the synergistic confluence of herbalists, healers, seed savers, growers, planet stewards, and medicinal mushroom experts — all collaborating in a mycelium-like network to give voice to the global importance of ecosystem vitality as a source of medicine, honoring and protecting the sacred and spiritual wellness, and interconnectedness of all beings. This theme truly represents planetary health and human health.

Be a part of the hub

This is a dynamic time that has challenged us to figure out how to launch a learning center where together we can cultivate a global herbal village. In the words of Jim Duke, “The herbal village isn’t so much a place or state of mind. It is in fact, a link connecting everyone around the world who believes the secrets to good health and a good life can be found in herbs, roots, and other ‘green’ sources. We all live in a single herbal Village.”

Thank you for being a part!

June 9-11, 2023

The 16th Annual International Herb Symposium will allow for all content to be accessible online but will also offer the chance to learn alongside other plant enthusiasts. Capacity at Wheaton College will be limited, but becoming an IHS Virtual Learning Center student now gets you first dibs on tickets to the in-person event.